Verse 1:
When you are growing up, and lose someone
Life suddenly becomes, a different world
Heart aching, heart is breaking will it ever mend
Life changing, rearranging, when will it end?

I'll do more than hold your hand
I'll carry you
I'll be there for all your life
close beside you
Through the shadow lands

Verse 3:
When you have problems, and problems do
Quite often come back, to haunt you
But you try hard you try so hard you do
Some days you win, some days you lose

Don't runaway
I'll be here with open arms
Don't runaway
I'll surround you with my love
Don't runaway
Nowhere can you hide from me
Don't runaway
You're never all that far away from home

Words and Music © Daniel Shiells 2008. All Rights Reserved.