Verse 1:
Become a Christian now
and everything will turn around
Every day full of joy
everywhere a smile on your face
That's what they say

Troubles they will come
Storms will be on the horizon
Times they will be tough
but of this in me you can be certain
That's what He says

Don't you say that we will all be heroes
Don't you say that we will all be fine
Don't you dare say that there won't be trouble
Don't you limit God to your own mind
Verse 2:
Become a Christian a now
your problems then they all will cease
Money in your pocket
a new car on the road each time you pray
That's what they say

A cross on your back
your will to mine surrendered
People hurling lies
People they won't understand at all
That's what he says

I know sorrow falls
I will taste pain
I know trials find my way
He is my light
He is my Hope
I'm prepared to follow
I'm prepared to follow

Words and Music © Daniel Shiells 2008. All Rights Reserved.